Aktywny Poznań

Przygoda Cena: 70 PLN

Let your childhood dream become true and guide a commando unit. Hide, sneak and shoot – without putting your or somebody else’s life in danger, of course!

Extreme Cena: 750 PLN

Those few seconds of free falling seem to be endless. The feeling never ceases in the memory of those who dared to try. Will you?

Przygoda Cena: 80 PLN

The high idle speed lets your adrenaline flow. Feel the drift on each turning you take. Enjoy the acceleration like in Formula 1. Be the new Kubica!

Przygoda Cena: 95-140 PLN

Looking for new sensations? Go with us for a ride in armoured military vehicles. For sure you will experience high adrenaline rush when crossing in a tank the target range.

Rekreacja Cena: 150 PLN

 Take the opportunity offered by Poznań city and go for an amazing Beer Tour with Poco-Loco team. Na zdrowie!

Rekreacja Cena: 25 euro

Frozen vodka in various ways, hot nights, great company. Are you tempted....?

Rekreacja Cena: 50 PLN

Welcome to Poznań, the city of experiences...